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My employer called Thorin Oakenshield ‘Thor’ today.

I didn’t know how to react, my first though was I NEED TO CORRECT HER but then I realised that some people don’t care about these things and I had to think about that instead.

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So Thor 2 is awesome 
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winter is coming

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Thor - Marvel Now!

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sorry I thought this was a Pantene commercial at first


1. Thor’s arm in frame of the bottom two gifs is wonderful. mmmm

2. I love Loki’s face in the first two gifs compared to the second two. It reminds me of his look after Hulk gets his smash on with him in Avengers. Loki is not used to humans, and not used to the way they don’t respect or fear him the way he feels he should be feared or respected. Neither Sif nor Volstagg in their other scenes are actually violent towards Loki, only threatening him (Sif’s blade doesn’t even touch his throat?)

3. Loki doesn’t reply to Jane. This. Just. alskdjfalsdf the scene will probably continue and he will have words for her? (speculation yay!) but Loki is showing Jane that her threats are not even worth his time. I’d really like to see how the other Asgardians react around Jane, whether this is a cultural ew humans thing, or if it’s just Loki being a dick

3.5 Loki’s face in the last gif is totally going LOL THOR YOUR PET TOUCHED ME. HOW CUTE #notcute #gonnakillitlater #omgrude

4. SIF’S FACE IN THE BACKGROUND she’s so alarmed

5. Only Thor has a good look at Loki’s surprised face in the first two panels. [insert shipping here?] IDK I just want this movie out please someone send me a time machine!

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